BKites go gaga over Garba- VRUNDH 2011 reviewed

Wondering what this post is about? It does not surprise me seeing a wrinkle on your forehead which is currently occupied with thoughts like what the crap is meant by ‘BKites’, ‘Garba’, or ‘VRUNDH’. Without making more round-about statements and sounding more of a pro in writing stuff let me straight away begin. ‘BKites’ is what the students of my college are referred to as. Annually BKites arrange ‘Garba‘ on one of the nights of ‘Navratri‘ under the name ‘VRUNDH’ (short form of Vrindavan). Garba is one of the many things that we Indians love, esp. Gujjus who await this time of the year so desperately that they start shopping for the dress and arranging passes to famous Garba venues in the state a month in advance.

The arrangement for ‘VRUNDH’ was done by B.K’s Culcom (cultural committee). I find it really hard to describe how beautifully the place was decorated and arrangements done within the limited resources we always have. I could not recollect if this was the very same place where I, along with Rajjo, Jayesh, Vijay, Azim and others, come to have lunch during our college hours. The event flagged off with the usual ritual of singing an aarthi devoted to Goddess Durga and her forms. Being a usual latecomer at any event I missed this part as well. However, I was determined not to miss the fun part of ‘seeing people’ thumping to the tunes of dhol and baja, with a sporadic insertions of DJ mix songs (it was gods grace Himesh didn’t slipped in this time 😀 ).

Being a lousy dancer myself I tried to hold the moment by capturing few snaps of people gathered to enjoy the event. I reached the venue at around 9:45 pm, which was already almost 3 hours late than the time of start. Seeing all of my friends hovering over in the corner of the venue I wondered what could be more enticing than watching people in their best attire and creating an environment of joy and exultation. Making my way round the revellers I reached the spot just to find a stall of mouth-watering sandwiches and soft-drink arrangements. Darn! it was all limited.

After getting a plate for myself and munching on the polio-stricken-sandwich, dripping with oil and rafting in a puddle of green chutney, I found Siddharth looking in his glass of Mirinda as if the glass was the pensieve from the movie Harry Potter. On inquiring about why he was so engrossed in watching his glass I found that a couple of tiny insects had landed in his mirinda. After carefully observing our surroundings we found that the flood light placed just near the food counter was attracting the insect community in the viscinity to join us and reveal their existence. Not wanting the same thing to happen to me I gulped entire glass of my Mirinda in one shot and bade adieu to the present company. Later, I bumped into few of my batchmates sitting on the fringes at the venue while I was wandering to find a place to sit and watch people dance. These people had the best place occupied– right on the podium where DJ had installed his systems.

All these things said and done, let me show you all how prepared BKites are when it comes to dressing at their best. Nothing to describe when following snaps say it all.

All people present at the event, irrespective of whether they danced or not, shared a common feeling of joy and happiness. One is prone to make 99% error in guessing what thoughts these people, dancing unaware of who is at their either side while they make merry rounds, occupied. Dancing in itself is the best medicine for tired mind, body, and soul. But, is Garba and Navratri merely enjoyed or lived? Are people aware of all the stories and tales that are related to these 9 nights? Can everyone making merry rounds around the picture or idol of Goddess Durga recollect the name of all the 9 forms of the deity? I do not ask these questions to point at any short comings in any individual nor do I ask to reveal the unawareness of many (me included). This is just a point to ponder over and, if possible, start questioning ‘WHY’ do we follow any ritual or an event. Is it just because our parents and their parents followed? Or is it because it really is embedded in our religion which can not be tested nor verified. Keeping all these heavy thoughts aside, none can deny (me included) that dancing can be very exhilarating and cathartic. Be it in any form- Discos, Garba, Baarat, or ‘Sannedo‘. I personally enjoy the ‘Sannedo’. What do you?

Thanks for reading 🙂


24 thoughts on “BKites go gaga over Garba- VRUNDH 2011 reviewed

    1. yes, that the biggest challenge- of posting regularly and that too which should be interesting to read. will appreciate if you can suggest good topics! thanks for taking time to read though 🙂

  1. Gr8 work Ankit…. Y dont u take over the work of updating our college website… we need sum1 to maintain the site n upload all clicks of various events….

  2. Hey Ankit!!! It was fun reading ur Blog!! Nd Penultimate lines are really true !!
    Will wait for your other blogs now!! Gr88 Going !!
    Keep it Up!!

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