if Anna interviewed Pappu…

Before saying anything sensible or outright rubbish here’s a disclaimer for writing on a magma-hot topic. All views in this post are personal and are not intended to offend any individual or community. All personal events and instances are true and real. Having said this I now begin.

I am not an avid follower of news channels as I see degraded quality of journalism in almost every news channel. “NEWS” has taken a back seat in this growing market of “Entertainews”. Seasonal offers, Ads, movie reviews, saas-bahu and tv, ludicrous stuff about so called paranormal activities are in demand now a days. But the happenings in 2nd half of August were not to be missed. There was a nation-wide public outcry to approve the civil society lokpal draft and pass it in the on-going parliament session. The profiles and characters of the members of Team Anna substantiated the movements credibility. No doubt Team Anna gained a nationwide support. Not going in much detail about the background and history check of Anna and the other team members I straight away come to the skepticism breeding in my mind since then. You might have heard many critical questions asked by media and targeted politicians on the credibility and awareness of the masses supporting the movement. Few are like:

Do you people even know what the Lokpal bill is and how many versions are circulating in the media?

Have you never paid bribe to a traffic constable to save a mere 100-500 bucks charged for any traffic offence?

Have you never hired an agent to get a Driver’s license, Passport, or even a movie ticket without making you visit these places in person?

Do you not agree to sellers who try to give us products at certain price lesser if we do not ask for the bill?

But “THE” main question which I ask to the student community who support the movement

Have none of us ever cheated, or at least tried to, in our school, university, or even in competitive exams? Or, how many of us do it still?

What this has got to do with corruption? Read on. I do not seek to hear out your answers to these questions nor do I want to write down mine. But, let us just introspect. Are we not responsible for all this shit? People shouted “I AM ANNA” at the top of their voice and wore Gandhi-caps stitched with the same. But are we really Anna? Are we non-corrupt?

I have appeared for many exams in my life. I did cheat a few (or maybe many) times while in school but I do not recall or can relate to any specific event which expunged my fear of failing in exams after school. Childhood is actually to learn things by making mistakes. Isn’t it? The last time I did this was in my 12th grade. Later, I joined college and was accompanied with people having 50’s or even 40’s in their S.S.C. Not all were from reserved quotas. Few were from well to do families with annual income 4 to 5 times than mine. You can guess what “income” had to do with admission.

The advent of iPhone and internet enabled device was boon for students first and later for others. The cheating process now went hi-tech. The bone of contention here is not that students cheat in exams. The real issue is upto what extent do they do this? Scoring more than the honest and hardworking student and boasting about the same to their friends is now “in”. They brag about the narrow escape they had with the invigilator. Can the action of such students motivate our honest and hardworking student to cheat in exams as well? May be yes, may be no. Only our sincere student can answer this. You might ask, “What is wrong with copying few questions in exams and how do you compare this with corruption at government level?” Fair enough.

Let me lay down a very basic fact that even Einstein agreed with. “Everything in this world is relative in nature”. Love for your friends and for your parents share a relative intensity. Earning 6 lakh p.a. may be overwhelming for a person with an earning of 1 lac p.a but not for one earning 16 lac p.a. I guess you get the point. Relevance of mentioning this? A student giving exam would think that it does not make much of a difference if I copy 5 marks in paper. This act would seem relatively nothing when compared with the act of using a dummy writer. Now, if someone buys a college seat by backdoor sources then the case of dummy writer seem to be trivial. However, the aftermath of all three acts is the same: a honest student loosing a seat to a college, or to a job.

Though, bribe of Rs. 10 cannot be compared with bribe of Rs. 10 lac on monetary valuation and one is relatively extreme to the other but both act can be tagged as an act of “CORRUPTION”. Today, we are copying for mere few marks to save ourselves the humiliation of failing in a test. But, this will later lead us to adapt unethical ways of achieving our targets at job. We might plagiarize and take credit for the job our subordinates did. We might not pay our taxes and blame government for shitty pot holes, and inefficient of government processes.

By cheating in exams we are not at all helping the noble cause of Anna and others. If we want our ministers to sincerely play the role of a leader serving people, irrespective of their monetary status and societal prowess, we should first commit to ourselves that we would rather fail than cheat in exams. The onus is on us. We can bring the change but we need not be Dark Knight or G-One to do this.

I hope you can relate to what I want to say and do respond if I was judgmental anywhere. Sorry for not posting sooner. Had been busy with my exams and hence the article :-D. Wish you all happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year!

Enjoy 🙂


2 thoughts on “if Anna interviewed Pappu…

  1. wish you the same…:)
    yeah I agree with what you say.. “charity begins at home”…. if we wanna change the nation we gotta change our-self then our surroundings rest will b accomplished itself…!!

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