Surprise Santa

I know, I know! This is very ridiculous of me to write after almost a month without keeping any trail of my whereabouts. What’s the excuse? Have loads of them. But what the heck! Is anyone really interested in hearing them out 😀 So, let’s just keep the peripheral talks aside and get down to real business. This time I review my school life and reason Christmas stays close to my heart.

This year, which has been beautiful in every way possible is about to end. But time will not. Death is followed by Life. And so will come the year which made Nostradamus famous (especially in 2011). For me the coming year will be different in many ways. The most ‘hatke’ (extraordinarily different) being appearing for ‘ university exams’ from 2nd Jan ’12. That too back to back. 8 days, 8 subjects. Despite me not wanting to reveal the reason for my absence I have just mentioned it. Oh please! now do not correlate this fact to me scoring awesome in these tests. Good score and me are the two extreme poles of a magnet (or of earth for that matter).

I won’t be writing too long (have 60% syllabus still untouched). Firstly, I wish a belated Merry Christmas to all you people out there. Having studied in a christian school I have beautiful memories attached with this festival. We used to celebrate Christmas in school. For us, who were not Christians, this was the only way we celebrated Christmas. Going to school after school hours (not in uniforms :)). Arranging funds, bringing cakes, pastries, and snacks. Decorating class. Inviting teachers and faculties from other classes for visiting our ‘decorated’ class. Playing ‘Surprise Santa’. This was the best. On the day of the Christmas celebration, we were individually supposed to bring a decent gift to the class. Our class teacher would write down names of all the students in the class on chits which she would later ask each one of us to pick. We then were asked to give the gift that we had brought to the person whose name appeared in the chit. This way we would be playing the Santa for each other. This goes unsaid: School was the best part of my life. There is a reason I recollect these memories today. In the world we live in we are trying hard to keep ourselves happy. I guess I have found a way of being happy. Apart from simply following the 10 commandments, let’s just continue playing ‘surprise Santa’ and keep loving all those around. I do not ask nor do I resolute to do good to others all the time I find a chance. But, I do resolute to do good to those whom I can really help and make a difference in their life.

Okay then. Time to have a marathon run with my books and reading material. I again apologize for being absent. I promise that I’ll make up for this in the coming year. Wish you all a very happy a wonderful year ahead. May God be with each one of us and help us make this planet a beautiful place to live in. Again I wish a merry and joyful Christmas to all my friends from Seventh-Day Adventist High School.

And yes, of course, may the dire predictions of Nostradamus be totally off the mark :D.

Till then. Enjoy people. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Surprise Santa

  1. Ankit, it was great to hear from you at your site and mine too. About Christmas, I wish you the same Happy Day(s)! In some countries, they celebrate for 12 days–you know, the famous Twelve Days of Christmas. Anyway, this was fun to read. It makes me remember how in school we decorated our classroom doors, and that some looked like enormous Christmas packages, totally covered by green or red foil with big bows on them.

    Wishing you very well in your exams! And a blessed New Year! No fears from Nostradamus, but when you can, look at the future the Bible predicts, a time of awful things, followed by the return of Jesus Christ, who is good and holy and kind and just!

    In His joy,


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