Man! how can anyone create a master piece with no path breaking story line? Answer: cast great actors, skilled cinematographer, and best musician. Result of the concoction: a great entertainer. The movies I usually select for watching, more or less depends on what mind set I carry at that moment. This time, going by reference from Pradeep, a friend of mine since 2nd grade, suggested me to go for Warrior. Direction by Gavin O’Connor, and a rating of 8.3/10 on imdb were reasons enough to stimulate me to dedicate 2 and half hours to this movie.

Keeping caged box-fight sequence, like in Cinderella Man, The fighter, might make a good recipe for making an entertainer but not a classic. Warrior makes a great watch. Story is primarily a very simple plot- similar to many Bollywood oldies.

Two estranged brothers, Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) and Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton)- who share nothing in common except the blood in their veins and equal hatred towards their father- meet after many long years, and that too in a duel. Tommy left his father, Paddy Conlon’s (Nick Nolte) house when it was unbearable for Tommy and his mother to bear Paddy’s drunken abuse. At the same time, Brendan too breaks away from Paddy and marry’s his long time girl friend Tess (Jennifer Morrison) with whom he raise two daughters.

Everyone refuses to acknowledge other’s existence until Tommy, after serving in US Army, returns to Paddy after 14 years and asks him to coach him for the upcoming mixed martial arts competition, ‘Sparta’. This doesn’t not entail that Tommy has forgiven his father. Its just that Paddy had been a great fighter himself and was qualified to be a great coach. Brendan, now a high school Physics teacher, too wants to win Sparta to save his house from bank foreclosure. That’s when the life of all the characters cross with each others.

Tommy, filled with anger and hatred towards both, his father and brother, holds them responsible for the death of his mother who succumbed to cancer. Tommy feels that besides his father’s drunken abuse, Brendan ‘betrayed’ him and his mother by not joining them, and going instead to Tess. That’s when, after around 45 minutes into the movie, all hell breaks loose. Both the protagonist gear up for the fight, while the story progresses with sporadic revelation of Hardy’s life after he left his father’s home 14 years earlier. Joel and Nick played their part very well and justified their characters, but it was Tom Hardy who stole the show.

Portraying a larger-than-life character, Tom Hardy, has added a fan to his already enormous fan list. Really! I was flat when Hardy delivers a great act in the movie. The muscle he pumped up makes him look invincible. After blowing back-to-back punches on his opponents in Warrior, Hardy will now be highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises to play Bane. O’Connor has taken excessive care to ensure that the actors deliver not a mediocre but an enthralling, wide-eye-opener act. That’s ‘coz I believe that the story was not something we haven’t heard before. An average plot. However, I will go to whatever extent possible to convince you people that this movie should not be missed at any cost. The fights are great. By sharing the last scene drama I don’t want to spoil your fun, but remember my words: LAST SCENE IS A GIFT WRAP to the full package of a great entertainer.


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