Paranormal Activity 3

For those who had lost their faith in Oren Peli’s skill as a story teller after watching Paranormal Activity 2, you’ll love the way how Peli has returned with his another breath taking, thrilling, let-me-get-under-the-blanket installment of Paranormal Activity. The onus of realizing Christopher Landon’s story is assumed by the director-duo, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, while Peli plays the producer. The cast is new but is based on the characters created by Peli. The USP of the Paranormal series- capturing the eerie (esp. night) sequences on video cameras, footage of which are later discovered and shown in the cinemas- is maintained. Audience who have already witnessed many sequels and prequels of any movie series tend to become more aware of the basic elements of the movie, and in some cases they anticipate the same. The same haunts Paranormal 3. Yet, the story progresses with a brilliant act behind the cameras.

Shot in the usual way of home recorded videos, the movie continues the story towards finding the reason why the two sisters, Katie and Kristi, are haunted by an invisible mysterious evil spirit. If you are a first time viewer of this movie series then it will make more sense if you at least watched Paranormal 2, if not the 1st part. I don’t want to spoil the movie’s fun and its beauty by mentioning the hypothesis devised in part 2 about the probable reason why Katie and Kristi are tormented by the evil spirit. But, for those who remember, that theory is the backbone of Paranormal 3. The story leaps back to 1988, time when Katie and Kristi were little girls aged may be around 10 or 8. They both live with their mother, Julie (Lauren Bittner), and her live-in boyfriend, Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith). Dennis while video-taping him having sex with Julie, accidently captures a figure in his video camera which reveal some invisible entity’s presence in their house.

With the aim of finding more about this invisible being, Dennis sets up cameras- he works as a freelance videographer- in the home. This sets in train a series of paranormal events which engulf entire family including the people who are friends with Dennis. During Dennis’s video recording activity he learns that Kristi has befriended an imaginary friend, Toby, with whom she converses even in the middle of the night. Why Toby talks with Kristi (and not with Katie)? Why is he even in their house? What he wants from Julie and her family? Watch the movie for the answers.

The two beautiful angel-looking girls steal the show by their innocence and enigmatic expressions. Still, the sequences, which made Paranormal 1 a huge hit, are repeated in few scenes in the movie. Overall, it won’t be a totally ‘new’ or never-seen-before experience after watching the movie if you have seen the way Paranormal series is made. But, I liked it better than the 2nd part. The best thing about this installment is the very simple, yet horrifying use of most powerful stimulus of fear- silence. The story is beautifully written. The special effects are good. The horror is amplified by not giving Toby a physical appearance, else it would have looked another crap from Ramsay Brothers. The camera work is brilliant, especially the use of a video camera attached to an oscillating fan to give a panaromic view of the living area of the house. The placement of cameras are deliberated quite well and the videos captured by Dennis absorbs all the necessary details of the scene.The reason I like Paranormal series is the beauty with which ‘horror’ element is projected on the prime front and not the gruesome, blook-trickling-axe-cut bodies, like in Wrong Turn, Hostel, Saw.

Remember to watch it during night hours, especially while you’re alone in the room. Expose yourself to the activity. 😀 Watch it out for yourself and let me know what do you think of this movie.


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