Janma-Din* Ver. 25.0

*Janma-din: Birth-day ūüėÄ

Feels great that I have lived quarter of a century on this blue-green planet filled with beautiful people and life supporting oxygen and water. This was the very same day, and by default the very same month, when I received the ultimate gift of breathing life in human existence (which is boon or bane as per one’s perspective).

When I was in school I wondered how long would it take me to graduate, secure a job, hang out late night with friends, and live life. But now, I wonder if there can be anyway I could go back to my school life. It seems like a distant dream when on my birthdays I (wearing new and colorful clothes) used to take chocolates and pencils to school and distribute them among my class mates (while they were all dressed in school uniforms). Even the students not belonging to my class knew that I was the ‘Birthday Boy” just by noticing me¬†perambulating the school corridors¬†in civil dress. The day used to end in celebrations. My neighbors and friends coming to our home, me cutting a cake, and my parents taking me and my siblings out to visit a new restaurant every year.¬†Everything seems so blur as if I have been travelling in¬†Shatabdi¬†ever since I gained consciousness.¬†Is it that only I have this epiphany, or does it happens to all?

Today many of the aspects of celebrating birthday have changed- at least for me. ‘Course, life is like an ever flowing river; turbulent at falls and¬†tranquil¬†at zero slope. Change is the only permanent feature in this universe. Now I don’t feel the drive to wear new clothes on my birthday, nor do I seek people to wish me ‘happy birthday’. For me birthday is just another ordinary day.¬†But still I’ve got friends who try to make my birthday worth to remember and help me weave memories to cherish.

This year too, the day started with me taking blessings of my mother. My father (not so usual) forgot my birthday; I do not blame him for this ’cause I can be as bad as my father in remembering dates. Messages started pouring in right from mid-night. Received phone calls from close and dear ones. Facebook played an important role in¬†reminding my birthday to all my friends (including those whom I haven’t seen for long). All (esp. my friends at BK) wished me happy birthday.

The sky was painted in beautiful hues of orange and yellow, when Bhakti, Amit, Kshiti, Dev, and Mohit (jointly a.k.a Coffee @ Shambhu gang) arranged a small gathering at Shambhu. They brought in a cake and sang birthday song for me. The cake served the dual purpose: celebrating the arrival of Kshiti from her trip to Australia. Once again, thank you guys for the amazing gesture. ūüôā

One more year has gone by and I am happy that this year I tried out many new things like, learning guitar, writing blogs, joining an MBA program, chucking my admission at Symbiosis, and lot many other stuffs. I hope that I take all the good habits and hobbies I’ve developed during this year into the coming year, leaving behind all my negative aspects. I ask for forgiveness from those people whom I might have hurt intentionally or inadvertently. Have a great life to you dear reader as well.

Whatever you are, be a good one- Abraham Lincoln


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