Puss in Boots

Let me begin this review by asking you a question? Can you recollect the following lines:

****** ****** sat on a wall,
****** ******  had a great fall;
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men,
Couldn’t put ****** together again.

Assuming that the world, especially the world of nursery rhymes and fairy tales has not changed, I might be close to being 100% correct at guessing that you have deemed me an idiot for even taking pain in asking this ridiculous question. ‘Course every one remembers -though might not remember well- Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, and the story of the Golden Goose that lay golden eggs. These were the fantastic rhymes and stories that created beautiful memories while we were busy making friends, learning to speak, and learning to learn. Why me mention this today? It’s the movie, Puss in Boots, I saw the other day which revives these legendary characters in 3-D.

Played by the Zorro (Antonio Banderas) himself, it is not disappointing to see that Puss in Boots, who was less closer to Shrek than was Donkey, lands up a solo. Smart, witty, chivalrous, brave, and honor seeking animal with wide green glaring eyes, Puss justifiably qualifies to bag a solo. The movie can be considered a prequel to Shrek-2. It is about the life of a cat who was once considered an epitome of honor and integrity (that earned him his Boots), is now an outlaw. Banned an entry by the people of San Ricardo, Puss in Boots (a.k.a Diablo Gato, Pequeno and many other aliases) fights his way back to earn his lost respect and his love interest, Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek). Rarely you’ll find an animated movie which is a total crap like Fly me to the moon. Puss in Boots is a refreshing movie, with a mild suspense, comical and strong dialogues. Few of my favorite dialogues from the movie are:

“I smell something familiar, something dangerous, something breakfasty.”

“As teenagers, Humpty and I looked for trouble and often found it.”

Portraying more of a feline-Zorro type character, Puss in Boots is a dare-devil and a woman (read as a molly) lover who boasts of the Boots he wears. A story scripted by inter-twining the life of the characters from nursery poems and children stories, Puss in Boots is a nice entertainer and a visual treat. I felt nostalgic when I saw the Golden Goose that lay golden eggs, Humpty-Dumpty who sat on the wall, Jack and Jill, magic beans that on germination sprout fluffy leaves carrying its passenger through air to castle-in-the-air. I enjoyed it and I’m confident you’ll enjoy it too. You’ll fall in love with Spanish music, Spanish accent, the villages, and tap dancing.


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