Random Rang* – I

*Rang: Colors


Though I have never set foot on a foreign soil, I am pretty confident that India is one of the very few countries where every festival has several mythologies and rituals associated with it. Holi qualifies to be one of them. Apart from the mythological significance of the festival (click here, if at all you want to take pains in knowing about it), Holi brings forth an opportunity for people to let go of all the differences and grudges held against each other, and sow the seeds of a fresh start (not that easy ehh!! :D). It also depicts the victory of good over evil. Keeping all this aside, ask any (Indian)kid even from 1st grade: ‘What is holi?’, and you’ll hear, ‘the festival of colors– that’s what it has now evolved to be known.

During my early school days (maybe in 1st-2nd grade), when my teachers used to announce that we’ll have a ‘holiday’ this Diwali, I used to think, “How can anyone celebrate holi‘ in Diwali?” I’m not kidding. It’s true. I really used to ask this question ……………………………. ……………………………………………………. Okay people! Now stop forming judgments about me. It was ages ago. 😀

Updating my knowledge base since then, what I know about holi is that people offer prayers and praises during the ‘Holi Dahan’- a bonfire kindled on a full moon night- a ritual deriving its base from the mythological events. It is beyond my pea-sized knowledge about Hinduism to accept the fact that people ‘worship’ the fire of Holi, despite it representing the burning of Holika, the demoness. I have sought answers from many, but never have I got a satisfactory answer.

The important part of Holi, celebrated on the day following the night of Holi Dahan, is Dhuleti, which is in fact the festival of colors. This year too, following the suit of my parents and neighbors, I offered my prayers at Holi Dahan. I was not anticipating anything new on Dhuleti this year other than the usual flock of people coming to my home to drench me in colors of God-Knows-What material (last year it was Ujala– a fabric whitening chemical, and Camlin black/blue liquid ink the previous year). Want to have glimpse of how we play Dhuleti?

It took 2 days to wipe off this silver paint. (2009)
Don't actually remember what caught the frenzy of tearing apart the clothes 🙂 (2010)

It’s beyond my cognizance (and will) to distinguish who’s who from this crowd. (2009)

OK! OK! I see your amazement. Firstly, just to clarify, the people you see above belong from well-to-do families, and every individual is a college-graduate. There goes your wild thoughts for a toss. HA! HAH! 😀 This is a common sight one would witness during holi while in India, but it depends in which city or area you are in. For Dhuleti, few people (like my friends) enjoy using poster colors, permanent paints, mud-mixed-water, and hhhmmm…. chuck it- this much info is more than enough.

Holi 2012

On a serious note, in the spirit of Holi, I seek forgiveness from all those people whom I’ve hurt intentionally or unintentionally. I had read somewhere (can’t actually recollect where) that it is better to judge a person on the basis of his behavior (since the time you know him), and the benevolent things he did to you, and not on his momentary display of anger or negative comments. Gautam Buddha said, “The sharpest sword is a word spoken in wrath.” It is, hence, foolish to take words for the face value when they are delivered in anger. Being judgmental is good but to remain equally rigid is a recipe of poor relationship with others. Hope you are forgiven by all and forgive others as well.**

** to be continued under Random Rang – II, on some later date. Thanks for visiting. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Random Rang* – I

    1. “Very Friendly People”— On that part I too agree. While writing this I was trying to ensure that people visiting from places other than India would look at India the way I want them to look, which is ‘actually’ how India is. 🙂

      1. Wish my husband and I could travel to India, but it’s impossible at this point. We can go there, though, on the internet and in movies. We’ve watched some classic Indian films and enjoyed them.

      2. Really? Would love to know which movie(s) you have watched. Is it because of the surgery you recently had you can’t travel? I hope you have recovered and are doing well. Wish you good health and life 🙂

      3. Two movies remained with me but I can’t find their titles online at the moment. One was an older black and white film about a young man who marries a reluctant bride, who then comes to love him dearly. They have one child, a little boy. She dies and the husband is terribly shaken. He and the child visit his own family far away. Beautiful, moving. This young couple lived in an apartment by a railroad yard.

        The second was a more modern film about an arranged marriage, and the ceremony and joyous celebration. The interrelationships were well-drawn. This was done in stunning color.

        Wish I knew more!

      4. Haven’t really seen b/w movies much. So can’t even guess for the first one. But, I believe the second one could (’cause there are many movies based on similar theme) be ‘Vivah’ (means Marriage), or Hum Aapke hai kaun (means ‘who are we to you’). I’m not sure if you have seen the movie with their Hindi titles or titles renamed in english.

  1. Ankit, thinking more carefully, the second, color, recent movie may not have been produced in India. The first, the black and white film, definitely was, and was wonderful. We have seen more than these two and always the impression was favorable. We enjoyed them. I should go online and find a place that lists classic films produced by Indian writers/directors. Then I might see titles. I’ll try to do this.

  2. So i believe that you will forgive us for all the things v said to you in excitement or anger in the past and in future….

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