Random Rang* -II

*Rang: Colors

**Continued from Random Rang -I

What’s so common among all living beings and inanimate objects populating this planet? Think. Think. I assure you that this question is not intended to challenge your intellect nor does it reflect mine. 🙂 The answer, from what I believe, is Uncertainty. What binds us with the mountains, the air, the water, in fact with everything in this universe, is the uncertainty of time, of life, of existence. There’s a reason why we cannot see the future. There’s a reason why we have limitations in General Relativity Principle of Einstein. There’s a reason why meteorological department is never absolute in making weather forecasts (not that they are duffers :D). This uncertainty fills our life with excitement. This excitement can be either desired or undesired (which is most of the case). I too was stricken by this uncertainty bug a day after holi. Read ahead to know about it.

As I said earlier in Random Rang -I, I was not anticipating anything different than the usual celebrations we guys have on holi, but life had pleasant surprises in store for me for us. Before I begin, today I’ll introduce you for the first time to an amazing bunch of kids of Gulbai Tekra (a slum inhabited since ages by a community making Ganesha idols in Ahmedabad), and a team of zealous young volunteers. It’s been over 3 months since I’ve been working as a volunteer for Shwas (means ‘Breath’ in english). Shwas is a project affiliated to Yuva Unstoppable, a not-for-profit group of young volunteers. The community of Gulbai Tekra slum are poverty stricken people with less than the basic amenities, and almost no education. It’s a great paradox that the slum is in the vicinity of Gujarat University (oldest education body in Gujarat, set up in 1949) and still education has not penetrated this community. These people are born artists and business man. Making Ganesha idols and other such artifacts, and selling them roadside is their business model.

Kids of Shwas chanting the Gayatri Mantra.
She ran out of time and few spaces were left void of colors. But who gives a damn- She was happy with what she made and that's what matters in the end.

Like any other day I had gone to teach these kids Ganit (Mathematics) and English. But the uncertainty bug had already selected the change-makers of Yuva as its pawn. These change-makers (volunteers working at Yuva) organized a drawing competition, keeping holi as its theme. And this landed me an opportunity for the first time to watch these kids creativity and imagination. Give these children few crayons and a sheet of paper and they’ll teach you the art of concentration. (Didn’t I mention earlier that they are born artists!) Engrossed in nothing else but realizing their imagination on paper, these kids stroked colors that resonates with the spirit of holi. Here’s a few of the many creations I witnessed.

Created by Jayanti. One of the nicest drawings of the day. Holi fire, sporadic colors, caricatures in cathartic exultation. All elements of Holi theme in it.
Created by Bhavesh, a 2nd Grade student.
Opportunity of telling others the thought process one had while making their creations. This exercise helps foster confidence in these kids. That's what we all need in the end to succeed in life. Isn't it?

It was a good experience. Enjoyed the process of helping and encouraging these kids. Towards the end of the session, I and Krishnakant (a.k.a KK) helped one girl fill in colors in the drawing she made as she was running short of time. With me there were other volunteers- Jayesh, Kinjal, Sharad, Sahil, Riddhi, Siddhi and the change makers of Yuva- who helped organize the event and helped the kids as well. I wish you all readers that your life too may be filled with the colors of joy, happiness, and success, and may these kids too paint their life with their own hands in hues of spectrum colors. 🙂 And yes, let the uncertainty bug affect your life in a positive manner 😉

How did you celebrated Holi this year? Or, is there any festival in your country that uses colors to celebrate it?


10 thoughts on “Random Rang* -II

  1. Color! Friendship! Service!
    Ankit, sometimes crayons and paper are all we need…Of course we need much more, and these children certainly do. But I thank the Lord that people are there to give to them in MANY ways. Because art can be as necessary to the soul as food and…mathematics!

    1. Very rightly said, Maria. In fact these students love mathematcis more than anything else- including drawing and crafts. Whenever we try to engage them in studying english or science they get bored within 30 mins. Then the only thing that keeps them motivated is the non-monetary incentives, like a badge of good girl/boy, or making them group leader etc. But yes, art brings out the real person. 🙂 I’m glad that God has made me capable to give back to the society.

      1. Yes, He has! I think it’s so interesting that the young students respond to mathematics so well. That’s great!

        An interesting site for you might be the following. The author is a mathematician and fiction writer. See what you think. Her novel ~Many-Coloured Realm~ was “written in numerical literary style.” Ankit, it was wonderful. It is about the realm of the Goblin King. She is an Australian author: Anne Hamilton.


        Wishing you very well!

  2. True Ankit. Life is full of uncertainties and these uncertainties bring tremendous joy sometimes. Its really wonderful that you are a medium for these children to bring their talents on surface. And art has always been a way to soul. All the best for your future such activities. Lovely.

    1. Thanks a lot Chahna…:) 🙂 It’s like an achievement that YOU have taken pains to read my blog (you know what I mean 😉 ). And you are absolutely correct about the link between art and soul. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  3. ya i would be coz i have felt it myself. whenever i used dance (my classical practice) i used to feel a connection with myself and that experience is awesome.

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