Restless Wind

I walk towards you,

Climbing mountains, swimming water, ditching sun,

Leaving behind time whilst you await my arrival,

Every mirror sees me traversing the distance towards you.


Reaching the parlor I await your glimpse.

Days have passed and today here I am,

Watching sands fall in glass, time fly leaving memories.

The earth beneath me reminisces this place,

The place, where you peeked into my heart.

It confessed that it jumps a beat watching you smile,

And it will be grateful if you stay with it for a while,

As I’m mere mortal soul of dust and sand carrying it.


Hey! Cool evening restless wind bring back my senses,

As I await her arrival anytime soon.

Brushing each other the leaves cheat your sight,

Flapping their wings the peacocks expose your beauty,

My eyes blink slowly to absorb your gait,

They see you and turn blind for beings around you.

You wave hi! Passing your smile,

And yet again the stupid pump skipped its beat.


Inside of me feel beautiful calling you mine,

With a fear in my mind, of distance, future, and time.

I think of song I would play to you and our children,

And they would dance to its tune, not to my voice of course.

Restless wind brings back my senses again,

As the road between me and her grows shorter.

How I wish I could always be with her,

Make her day filled with happiness, love, and joy.


Restless wind I seek favor yet again,

Keep passing my messages to her when I’m not here,

When she needs to speak to me,

When her hearts seeks to be consoled,

As I trust you’ll always be there. My friend.

I speak to her now if you don’t mind.

You have bubbled up to surface things inside me,

I didn’t notice they ever exist.

You’ll be bestowed with love, care, umpteen reasons to smile,

I’ll be wishing for this until we’re one again.

Until then the Restless Wind will be your companion.


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